CyberBionic Systematics IT investments

CyberBionic Systematics invests money in promising IT start-ups and new prospect projects. Our IT Company makes sure that its investments in projects, companies, start-ups would be competitive, functional, convenient and allows to create modern software products and solutions.

Specially designed tests are an integral part of our IT investments. It means special testing for IT professionals, which became popular nowadays. Nowadays IT video courses becoming more and more popular. We are supporting ITVDN project. Video courses written by certified trainers and developers Microsoft, becoming popular to wider audience in IT.

Our specialty is to invest small and large enterprises

For small business

At Cbsystematics Development, we focus on establishing opportunities for you: control capital costs, increase efficiency, reduce risk and start your projects as quickly as possible.

For enterprise customers

Cbsystematics Development provides a wide range of ICT services and solutions taking care for all areas of modern IT infrastructure of enterprise customers. Our key differentiators: competence, flexibility and innovation.